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"The brilliantly-named Christian Bookshop are an acoustic folk duo in the classic mode, with a decidedly lo-fi approach. With just the sparest of backing, these ten songs, recorded over a two-week period in a Co. Mayo pantry (it’s true!), showcase a burgeoning talent. There is real substance here… "
Hot Press

"Christian Bookshop is Jimmy Monaghan’s duo with Aisling Walsh, making the kind of gorgeous harmonious folk-pop that sweet couples sing at parties over a guitar while exchanging secret smiles."
Harmless Noise

"Rather charmingly, these timeless folk songs were recorded 'over two weeks in a pantry in Belmullet, Co Mayo'. The domestic setting seems to have imbued them with a comfortable feel, like they’ve already been embraced hundreds of times. Plus, there’s something very familiar about these tracks; like I’ve heard them before, but in the best way. The sometimes salty language gives a bit of a jolt now and then, while the songs are at times appealingly rough-around-the-edges."
Sweet Oblivion

"Recorded in a pantry in Belmullet. That’s right. Picture it. Do swinging folk singalongs, bordering on chamber pop in places, come to mind? No? Not to worry. Let Christian Bookshop show you the way.
Last month, the duo provided Conor with “one of his songs of the year”, in the shape of the sublime ‘Singin’ Freebird’, which came with an equally cool-but-not-full-of-it video. Now their eponymous debut album sees the light of day. The overall tone tends more towards a slow build than the bracing ‘Singin’ Freebird’ might suggest. The enjoyably caustic ‘Folk singer’ and the muted, campfire-friendly psych-pop of ‘A million stars (These kids)’ are a couple of other highlights."
We Are Noise

"Christian Bookshop might be my favorite bandname of the day, and we've had some fucking doozies, most notably "fucking Doozies" from Palo Alto, California. The sing song sing a long sing sang of 'Singin' Freebird' is probably the perfect introduction to a band I've never heard, from a country I've never been to (but share a percentage of a lineage with), toting a genre I've never considered listening to. What's the genre? Peep their bandcamp, they call it fucking campfire bro. Christian Bookshop is a campfire band bro.
I love this shit."

'Christian Bookshop' is an album project by Jimmy Monaghan (Music For Dead Birds, Seamus O'Muineachain) and Aisling Walsh.
Recorded over two weeks in a pantry in Belmullet, Co Mayo, the album features contributions from Evelyn Walsh (Clarinet), Eleta Van Schalkwyk (Violin) & Trista Monaghan (Tin whistle).

The cover art was designed by Jimmy Monaghan and features photographs taken by Declan Kelly, Aaron Casey, Ian McIntyre.
All songs written, recorded and mixed by Jimmy Monaghan.
Mastering and sequencing by Liam O'Connor.


released September 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Christian Bookshop Mayo, Ireland

Happy folk.. Overtly twee with moments of emo contemplation..

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Track Name: Waste My Time (Bluebirds)
You gotta keep smart and fit,
On top of it,
Be right even when you're wrong,
Gotta know the words if you're singing your song.
Gotta stay strong and cool,
Ahead of the fools, question how reality seems.
Don't ever give up on your dreams.

You gotta make art or impart any wisdom you know ,
You can never be going too slow.
Don't care what they say at the end of the day we're all just made out of clay.
And even if your ideas are childish and high that's where the bluebirds fly,
That's where the bluebirds fly.

And boy you're wasting your time,
Why you always wasting your time?
Well hey man you know it's not a crime.
Track Name: Stay Clean
I could stay in bed all day,
Thinking of the mess I've made,
Cursing at myself again.

All the lies that I have cracked,
All the things that I have lacked,
It's hard to dream when you can't sleep.

Wait with me,
I'll hold you down,
But I'll stay clean.

I've been running a mess all day,
Mind's gone off in a serious way,
So inside is where I'll stay.

You've gone off and you're all around,
Think your way across the town,
It's hard to sleep when you can't dream.

Wait with me,
I'll hold you down,
But I'll stay clean.
Track Name: Sleeping In Bars
Under the night,
Under the stars,
It's so much better,
Than sleeping in bars,
Or crashing in cars,
We could be one if we don't really try.

It's all the same to me,
It's all the same.
It's all the same to me
Can't you see?

Tell me you'll change and everything's fine,
Come have a drink to kill off some time.
The world's in our way,
It's hard but it's just the same the same to me.

It's all the same to me,
It's all the same.
It's all the same to me
Can't you see?